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Guatemala’s corruption should be at the top of Trump’s agenda

If the Trump administration and the US Congress truly want to address gang violence and reduce the number of Central American migrants turning to the United States as a safe haven, ending corruption should be at the top of their agenda.

The White House director of media affairs, Helen Aguirre Ferré, told a Guatemalan news radio program that Guatemala’s decade-long anti-corruption drive is “absolutely paramount” to improving the conditions there that contribute to migration to the United States.

Up until recently, Guatemala’s anti-corruption probes have had broad bipartisan support in the US Congress. But with attacks ramping up against the investigations in Guatemala, and through lobbying in Washington, concerns are growing that President Donald Trump’s administration and several prominent Republicans in the US Congress could be swayed to stop supporting the drive.

If Trump and members of Congress weaken US backing for Guatemala’s fight against corruption, it will only worsen the purported immigration crisis they say they want to solve.

Read the rest of this opinion piece at CNN Opinion.

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