Periphery Podcast Episode 1: “Honduras, A Government Failing to Protect Its People” with Sarah Kinosian

First episode of the Periphery Podcast co-hosted and co-produced by myself and Mike LaSusa.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.58.45 PMIn our first episode, we interviewed our former colleague Sarah Kinosian, an expert on Latin America security issues who recently published a seven-part series about violence, militarization and migration in Honduras.

Last December, Sarah Kinosian, lead researcher on Latin America for the Center for International Policy’s Security Assistance Monitor program, went to Honduras with Lisa Haugaard of the Latin America Working Group to conduct on-the-ground research for the report, which was published last month.

Sarah Kinosian and Lisa Haugaard’s seven-part report, “Honduras: A Government Failing to Protect Its People,” is available for download from the Center for International Policy, or in installments on the Security Assistance Monitor and the Latin American Working Group blogs. Sarah Kinosian, William D. Hartung and Lisa Haugaard also wrote a follow-up report for Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF): “Can the Violence in Honduras Be Stopped?”

Last December, the Security Assistance Monitor released a Country Profile…

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