Infographic: Violence Against Women in Guatemala

This infographic is Part 2 of my series on Violence Against Women in the Northern Triangle States of Central America. For Part 1: Honduras Violence Against Women and Increased Migration.

I encourage you to copy and distribute this infographic for non-commercial purposes, provided that it is attributed to Angelika Albaladejo in the byline, with a link to this original post. This infographic can also be accessed on Piktochart.

Guatemala_ Violence Against Women

Sources: Reuters, Walter AstradaCrimes Without Punishment: An Update on Violence Against Women and Impunity in Guatemala, Robert F. Kennedy Center, ALER, Telesur, Homicide Rates compiled by Carlos A. Mendoza, El Tiempo, Fundacion Sobrevivientes, Fundacion Sobrevivientes: Violencia Sexual, NOLO, Inter-American Development Bank, Breaking the Silence, ScienceDaily, Dimensions of Child Sexual Abuse before Age 15 in Three Central American Countries: Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, American Immigration Council, Aquí Entre Hombres, Guatemala Human Rights Commission, Justice for my Sister


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